5/28/19 Travel Tips

Here are just a few tips and tricks of the trade that have proved very helpful while traveling throughout the world. Whether you’re going for a few days or two weeks, take a look at these helpful hints before you leave.

Always ID your luggage.
In the terrible event you miss your flight to South Padre Island, chances are your luggage made it. It’ll be enjoying the heat wave as you try to get your luggage back or get back to your luggage. Having ID information on your luggage will help the airline/or bus company connect you with your luggage much faster.

Let a family member know where you are going.
Give someone at home your itinerary in case something exciting happens while you are gone!

Don’t forget your own photo ID.
When you are at home making a copy of your passport or drivers license to keep separate in your luggage, don’t forget to grab it out of the copier. You can buy anything else you forgot while on the trip… except your ID.

Bring snacks and activities, it passes the time while traveling to your destination.
Although the motor coaches are amazing, they arn’t a time machine. Bring snacks and games to play with your friends and you’ll be there before ya know it.

Be flexible.
This is your vacation, but how often do things go exactly as planned? The more able you are to go with the flow, the more often you’ll turn that frown upside down!

Don’t bring any valuables you cant afford to replace.
We all love our electronics and shiny jewelry but its easily forgotten or misplaced when traveling between all of the different amazing destinations while on your experience.

Pack an outfit for everyday but remember you can mix and match while on vacation.
Most of the time the number one thing people buy while on vacation is some sort of clothing to sport while on the trip. And as popular as we think we are, no one will notice if you wear your jeans two days in a row.

Go with an open mind, and be adventurous!
This is your chance to explore and have the time of your life with friends and family. The world is really a great place and the people are even better. Even if you venture outside your comfort zone, you know what they say, what happens on the road, stays on the road!




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