Fall “Do it Yourself” Tour


You don’t have to leave the Midwest to see beautiful fall foliage like New England’s. Venture south to Nebraska City for lunch at the Lied Lodge. Enjoy the fruits of Fall with an apple orchard visit. Then, head back up the river on scenic byways enjoying the fall colors. Stop at the Hitchcock Nature Center, for spectacular views of our countryside and nature at its best! Finally, visit the Desoto Wildlife refuge learning the natural habitat for countless animals and insects, plus see a sunken river boat and so much more.

Click on the link below to view the itinerary and/or download the TripPlans App to enjoy all the features of this itinerary.

Link to Web Itinerary: https://travefy.com/trip/6yw9rquqwfcsqz2a5cznhpfwaz6f2ya

Link to Mobile App Itinerary: https://travefy.com/get-app/6yw9rquqwfcsqz2a5cznhpfwaz6f2ya




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