Buffalo Round-Up Sept 26 – 29, 2018 – 4 Days – $600pp (bdl occ)



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Day 1 –
>>Spirit Mound
>>Prehistoric Indian Village
>>Dignity Sculpture
>>Welcome Dinner
South Dakota is our close neighbor to the north but there is so much to explore! On our way west, visit Spirit Mound, know for its supernatural activity and Indian lore! Then visit a prehistoric Indian village in Mitchell, SD, followed by the gorgeous Dignity Sculpture! Take in the spectacular views of the Missouri River valley under the shadow of this giant piece of art! (D)

Day 2 –
>>Mt. Rushmore
>>Crazy Horse
Today is classic South Dakota! It wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t take some time to admire the amazing artistry and history of Mt. Rushmore, one of America’s modern wonders! Enjoy lunch at the park before heading over to Crazy Horse! This monument still under construction is a tribute to Native American culture. Experience ethnic dancing and demonstrations on your visit followed by a short trip to your hotel! (B,L)

Day 3 –
>>Buffalo Round-up
>>Wounded Knee
Today is the day! Witness from the field, the roar of the stampede as the cowboys wrangle up the buffalo, all against the perfect wild west background! This is a once in a lifetime event, seeing over 1300 buffalo thunder across the Black Hills! After the round-up, visit the festival with over 150 vendors and food trucks! Finish the afternoon at Wounded Knee, the site of two conflicts between the US government and the Native Americans! Finally, enjoy a farewell dinner with the group! (B,D)

Day 4 –
>>Sand Dunes
After an warm breakfast, hit the road for this mornings activity! Experience the Nebraska Sand Hills, the largest sand dune in the Western Hemisphere, spanning over 20,000 square miles! Then, enjoy a fantastic lunch at the Hide-A-Way Grill in West Point, NE! You will love this small town hot spot! Finally, yo’ll arrive back to home having experienced the majesty of the Great American Buffalo Round-up! (B)

Order online or print the Great American Buffalo Round-up Brochure and mail to:

PO Box 751 Bellevue NE 68005


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