Our Journey

It was early December 1997 when a 9 year old boy and his aunt (Cindy) started planning the most exciting family trip they had ever dreamed of. This was a trip for both of their families to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. It was a two year process making sure every last detail was smoothed out. Nothing would be spared or overlooked. After a successful trip in 1999 for the Millennium Celebration, Cindy and JJ would be in charge of planning every subsequent family vacation. With an extremely large, tight knit extended family, the vacations would be the highlight of the year.

As time moved on, JJ continued his education at Elkhorn Public Schools. Following graduation he attended Midland University where he studied business management. While a freshman at Midland, he was employed by a tour company out of Fremont, NE. Working both in the office there with aunt Cindy and on the road as a tour director, JJ learned the ropes first hand. Leading groups all over the United States and Europe, he fell in love with facilitating people’s happiness through travel. Cindy worked in the office as manager and perfected the office work and bookkeeping.

After college, JJ was hired as a personal banker and Cindy continued to work in the tour office. While JJ worked at the bank, he could tell something in his life wasn’t satisfied. He missed traveling and making people happy. So, one night early in 2012, JJ met with Cindy at her home for dinner. While talking about life and work, they decided to explore the idea of starting their own company, one that put customers in control. Cindy and JJ didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do, but they did know that they wanted to make a difference personally, in a fun way, the way they did for their own family through the years.

It was there, over a steaming cup of coffee, that Excite was born. Every Monday night the two would get together for dinner and coffee, and every Monday night, the dream became more of a reality. Late in the Spring, they added two very talented individuals to the team, Cindy’s niece and nephew, Brandy and Mike out of Lincoln, NE. Brandy would be Excite’s graphic designer and Mike would act as financial advisor and networker. After countless hours and many cups of coffee, Excite launched to the public in February of 2013.

JJ, Cindy, and the rest of the Excite team are thrilled and honored to provide magical moments and smiles to their guests. The world awaits your groups exploration so let them coordinate your perfect experience. Welcome to Excite!







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